Gestural Navigation Bar

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File sums

MD5 dffd149bd0d12cc8b719e2095e7b09de
SHA1 2e2b01292765150a18fa569d38f5bb447778d3ea
SHA256 457f8b7698eb68383406e09b14800754305e44c47504134841a1a81a617b369a
Size 0.01MB


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APK file 192:R47hNhCDWip0jWtE8uVNCekfuD10TKmhU2NXikc72aT2a8iWI:R4dN2SjWtE8uX3pANhBXi09ti1
Manifest 48:8OzEvThpj/S5vFlQl4ulqXS3Plol/8BvJMDdn85BpjgTP8Zd+QpISC:8OeFIKT8S/S…


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APK details

Information computed with AndroGuard and Pithus.

Package com.android.internal.systemui.navbar.gestural_wide_back
App name Gestural Navigation Bar
Version name 1.0
Version code 1
SDK 31 - 31
UAID b900b8c18d8b2194d5bf4c40a2516ec67f793d9c
Signature Signature V1 Signature V2
Frosting Not frosted
Blocks found within V2 signature:
  • 0x7109871a: Unknown
  • 0x42726577: Verity padding

Certificate details

Information computed with AndroGuard.

MD5 1ed6907e477e89c847cd7f7a971e0f46
SHA1 9741a0f330dc2e8619b76a2597f308c37dbe30a2
SHA256 b9a42dd5fc4e054889ae4127a6274cec64e75c41733d42f5991e7019f9ea5caf
Issuer Email Address: android.os@samsung.com, Common Name: Samsung Cert, Organizational Unit: DMC, Organization: Samsung Corporation, Locality: Suwon City, State/Province: South Korea, Country: KR
Not before 2011-06-22T12:25:13+00:00
Not after 2038-11-07T12:25:13+00:00

File Analysis

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Findings Files
Certificate/Key files hardcoded inside the app. SEC-INF/buildConfirm.crt

Manifest analysis

Information computed with MobSF.

Medium Application Data can be Backed up[android:allowBackup] flag is missing.
The flag [android:allowBackup] should be set to false. By default it is set to true and allows anyone to backup your application data via adb. It allows users who have enabled USB debugging to copy application data off of the device.

Sample timeline

Oldest file found in APK Jan. 1, 2009, midnight
Latest file found in APK Jan. 1, 2009, midnight
Certificate valid not before June 22, 2011, 12:25 p.m.
First submission on VT July 9, 2022, midnight
Last submission on VT July 9, 2022, midnight
Upload on Pithus Sept. 25, 2022, 10:27 a.m.
Certificate valid not after Nov. 7, 2038, 12:25 p.m.

NIAP analysis

Information computed with MobSF.

FCS_STO_EXT.1.1 The application does not store any credentials to non-volatile memory.
Storage of Credentials
FCS_CKM_EXT.1.1 The application generate no asymmetric cryptographic keys.
Cryptographic Key Generation Services
FDP_DEC_EXT.1.1 The application has access to no hardware resources.
Access to Platform Resources
FDP_DEC_EXT.1.2 The application has access to no sensitive information repositories.
Access to Platform Resources
FDP_NET_EXT.1.1 The application has no network communications.
Network Communications
FDP_DAR_EXT.1.1 The application does not encrypt files in non-volatile memory.
Encryption Of Sensitive Application Data
FTP_DIT_EXT.1.1 The application does not encrypt any data in traffic or does not transmit any data between itself and another trusted IT product.
Protection of Data in Transit

Threat analysis

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Control flow graphs analysis

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